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Brian Bell Group

Campaigns since 2017

The challenge

Following the passing of their Founder, Sir Brian Bell, the brand’s identity was greatly impacted. Change and uncertainty within the company resulted in a multi-year decline in revenue.

What began with a brief to arrest this decline with advertising evolved into a brand refresh and ongoing creative support for a range of retail campaigns for the Brian Bell Group Homecentres.

Change and uncertainty within the company resulted in a multi-year decline in revenue.

The solution

Undertaking extensive research into the Brian Bell Homecentres business, we concluded that our challenge involved more than refining its marketing and advertising; we needed to redefine the entire brand experience for both internal and external audiences.

The process

We did this by reconnecting the name Brian Bell back into the brand and developed a more ‘human’ tone of voice. We ensured that the brand look and tone of voice was vibrant, working across every touchpoint including point of sale, packaging, TV, print, press, radio and online.

The new brand identity acted as a launchpad for the introduction of a range of calendar-specific retail campaigns that have been revisited and revamped annually, including their Christmas Catalogue, Mother’s Day (playfully titled ‘Mumma’s Yay), and the Double Your Discounts sale.

The impact

In the first year of our engagement, the sales decline was reversed, and in 2021, the business recorded its biggest year of sales to date. Since then, average sales have grown by 15% year-on-year.

“We wouldn’t be the market leader we are today without Colony.”

Ian CloughChairman, Brian Bell Group