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We’re relationship builders

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s a package of rational and emotional messages that define your brand personality and create emotional connection and loyalty. Just as it does in people, a brand’s personality grows over time. And when it does, we’re here to help you keep control. 

Creative & Brand Strategy

Before we start thinking outside the envelope, we plan our approach. Who are we talking to? What media touchpoints do we have to communicate with them? What is the most relevant thing we can say to them. Where is this brand at now? What hurdles do we face? Once we’ve surveyed the landscape, we get together with you to evaluate our plan. 


In social, print, press, radio, TV, video and web. Our writing team can always find the right words and headlines for your audiences, driving action and engagement. Our creative directors and writers have an up close and personal knowledge of writing for every channel from social posts and campaigns, through to sophisticated technical writing and corporate profiles. 

Art Direction

Art direction is a different discipline to graphic design. It is primarily concerned with the visual aspect of advertising. How will your campaign look? How will the video graphics and photography look? Never far from our clients, Colony Group art directors work closely with our writers and finished art team to bring campaigns to life. 

Concept Development

The advertising creative process isn’t just an idea skeet shoot. There are tried and tested filters for what makes a good idea, and how it will work across the various channels. It’s a complex mix, but there’s always room to work with our client teams in selecting the right idea for that time in the market. 

Retail Campaigns

Our team members are adept at communicating value and making product and price look good in hardworking retail channels from radio to counter cards and shelf wobblers. 

Brand Campaigns

We get to know your business, team and customers. This way we can distil your brand essence into a campaign that communicates your brand values in relevant, memorable ways. We believe that a good brand platform serves as a springboard for all of a brand’s internal and external communications. 


Defining and articulating brands is our bread and butter. And that’s not just designing stunning logos, word marks and style guides. The bigger picture is making the look and feel work seamlessly across all tasks at every customer touchpoint. 

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers love coming up with visual ideas for brand identities, sales promotion themes. We build comprehensive brand identities, complete with logo designs, colour palettes, typography, and visual elements that tell your unique story and can be translated to press ads, website banners and more.

Behaviour-change Campaigns

Health authorities including UNICEF have turned to us for help changing health behaviours. We get to know our audiences by diving into their values, attitudes and lifestyles so we can help them; and our clients even better.