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Video & Audio Production

Bringing your vision to life

Information rich, entertaining and easytodigest, video is the perfect massreach medium. Our creative and production teams are experts and will work with you to formulate, refine and deliver your message on screen.

Scripts & Storyboarding

The concepting and development of shooting boards and scripts is a vital stepping stone in the production process. It crystalises what we are shooting for you, and allows our clients and team to collaborate, before we arrive on location. Naturally, our storyboards artists work closely with our copywriters. 


Photography is an integral part of any campaign. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in stateoftheart cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories. No matter what you are after, from a retail pack shot, through to a breathtaking landscape – we’ll travel far and wide to capture that oneina-million picture for you. 

Photography & Video Production

Our photo and video production teams provide an unmatched internal resource. We have a fulltime producer as well as professional studios and two production units, equipment and vehicles. From concept to final edit, we create stunning visual assets. 


Using the latest software we edit long and short form video and audio. We colour grade footage and complete the audio including voices, sound effects and music. Our team of designers makes all graphics and animation sequences look amazing. 

Radio & Audio Production

Radio is alive and well at Colony. Our team records and edits audio for all our own productions. We often use our own multi-talented staff as voice talent, but also record pro talent, client executives and sports people! We also take care of music, sound design and mixing.