Kina Bank

Brand Campaign

The power of together.

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Kina Bank


The challenge

As the bank for hard working Papua New Guineans, Kina Bank wanted new and existing customers to see that together, it’s possible to achieve your financial dreams. We were tasked with creating a brand campaign that brought this brand promise to life.

The solution

Colony used its strong foundational understanding and relationship with both Kina Bank and the Papua New Guineans to create a solution that truly explored the meaning of ‘together’. We did this through research, unpacking the meaning of ‘together’ and what that meant to the customers of Kina Bank, as well as the people of Papua New Guinea.

Unpacking the meaning of 'together'

The process

Through our research, we were able to understand that there were two key parts that made up the meaning of ‘together’ to the people of Papua New Guinea. Those were:

Culturally – being part of a group is central to the lives of Papua New Guineans


– Papua New Guineans have a strong sense of their roots. Their home villages, and provinces are a key part of their self-identity.

We used this to tell the story of everyday Papua New Guineans, capturing eight, slice of life moments that showed the power of ‘together’ in action featuring hard working locals, their communities, and it’s heart – Kina Bank.

The impact

1.8 million impressions from social media within the first month

In the first month of the campaign, Kina Bank received over 1.8 million impressions from brand ads run on social media, which generated a total of 9,427 actions including comments, reactions and website click throughs.