Awareness Campaign

Treatment vs protection insight delivers grassroots health behaviour change campaign.

  • Campaign creative and insight
  • Radio commercials

  • TV commercials

  • Press ads

  • Educational banners
  • Educational collateral


The challenge

With an ever increasing steep decline in childhood vaccination rates across PNG, the most urgent of those being Measles and Rubella, UNICEF PNG engaged Colony to develop a behaviour change campaign that would bring awareness and action for Measles, Rubella, Polio, and Vitamin A supplementary immunisation activity across PNG.

UNICEF PNG Characters

The solution

Research showed that a large proportion of Papua New Guineans believed that vaccination was a treatment for illness. There was low awareness of the fact that vaccines protected against the spread of diseases, rather than something to take after becoming sick.

This research gave us insight that allowed us create an awareness campaign, focused on educating the people of Papua New Guinea about herd immunity, community protection and the importance of male role models in the vaccination process.

The process

From our research, we knew that the key to this campaign revolved around education and raising awareness of the benefits of vaccination and how they work. To do this, we took the communication back to basics with the positioning – Immunization saves lives.

Colony created a campaign that used animation to accurately portray PNG life to promote a future where everyone is protected from preventable diseases. We developed a suite of illustrated characters representing every layer of community life in PNG, as well as a range of familiar landscapes. These characters and locations were animated to deliver key information in a visually compelling way. We also developed a highly catchy and memorable jingle with the help of a popular local talent Justine Morgan.

Through the use of traditional patterns applied to the illustrative campaign, themes of protection were able to be reflected in a creative easily digested format. The creative executions positively portrayed the role of men as protectors and willing participants in healthcare education through becoming role models for their families.

The impact

“Indeed the marathon for this project is completed successfully thanks to you and your team. Many thanks always for great work together.”

Working with UNICEF, with a campaign of this size and the goals that they are targeting, we expect to see an increase in vaccination uptake in the next 12 months. We know that our partnership and understanding will result in ongoing success in the education and immunization of the people of Papua New Guinea.